HDSA/HDSCN Live Support Groups

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See Me! Support Groups are a trademark of the Parkinson & Movement Disorders Alliance, a nonprofit organization. HDSCN is in partnership with PMDAlliance to bring virtual support groups, webinars, and live events to enhance education, and support services for HD families. For more information about PMDAlliance, visit www. PMDAlliance.org

See Me! HD Support Group Flyers:
See Me 20's-30's HD Info Group
See Me HD Care Partners & Parents
See Me HD Group Call
See Me Men's HD Group (TBD)

HDSA/HDSCN Live HD Support Groups:
In Arizona

HD Support & Care Network, Inc. is in partnership with the Huntington's Disease Society of America in order to bring live support groups to HD families, particularly in underserved areas. For more information about HDSA, visit www.HDSA.org
San Luis Obispo
Santa Maria
Santa Barbara

If you would like to start a special support group or have an idea for a special support group, use this form and contact us.

HDSCN/PMDAlliance Virtual Support Groups